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Shakarkandi & Macadamia Tikki Chaat

Difficulty Prep time
Easy 10 mins
Serves Cook time
2 10 mins


Sweet potato - 150gm
Chopped macadamia nuts - 30gm
Coarsely ground macadamia nuts - 45gm
Yogurt - 75gm
Boiled chickpeas - 50gm
Onion - 50gm
Tomato - 50gm
Chana jor garam - 20gm
Puffed amaranth - 10gm
Pomegranate - 20gm
Raisins - 20gm
Black salt - 3gm
Chopped coriander - 10gm


  1. Boil and mash the sweet potato.

  2. Mix it with coarsely ground macadamia nuts.

  3. Grill small patties on both sides.

  4. Mix boiled chickpeas, chopped tomato, onion, pomegranate, and black salt.

  5. Place the chickpea mix on a plate, top it with sweet potato patties.

  6. Pour yoghurt on top, garnish with macadamia nuts, chana jor garam, amaranth, and coriander.

  7. Serve cold and enjoy